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A warm welcome to our unique and wonderful school!





We hope you enjoy navigating around our new website and that you are able to obtain any required information that you may be looking for. We believe you will gain an insight into the high quality teaching and learning that our pupils experience by visiting many of the specially designated areas that are available to any visitor to our site.

We are very proud of our pupils, with their love for learning coupled with their high level of effort leading to many achievements.  This can be seen across all areas of our stimulating curriculum as well as the extensive extra-curricular activities that are currently available. A flavour of all these elements that make our school will hopefully come across as you explore.

Please note that only members of our school’s community with a password can access the linked “Learning Platform”.

As in everything we do, we would welcome any feedback as to how you have found our website and thank you for taking the time to visit us.

Giovanni Franceschi    (Head Teacher)